INPERITIA - Project Management Consulting
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INPERITIA - Project Management Consulting
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Wojciech Zielinski - Project Management Expert
My name is Wojciech Zielinski and I am Project Management Expert leading a consultancy practice under a brand of INPERITIA.
I am Prince2 Practicioner and ITIL certified manager with over 20 years experience gained in IT industry. I successfully managed over 25 projects and programmes including custom and product development, implementation and maintenance.

my specializations

Project Management Services
Project Management
Project Managementclose

Do you need IT solution to be successfully implemented in your organization ? Or you need one to be developed from the scratch ?

I have experience in various project types - including IT solutions implementation, customization, development and maintenance. I am able to deliver on time, budget and scope working on all project phases - from requirements discovery, ending on production handover. I have been working as a network administrator, programmer, IT consultant, systems architect to finally become a sensible manager understanding both business and technical aspects of the project I lead.

Put your trust in knowledge backed by 25 years of experience in IT and 15 years of experience in managing such projects ! Let your project be one of the 35 successful ones I managed !

Project Management Consulting
Spot Consulting
Spot Consultingclose

Need a technical or management advise ? Have doubts on the path you follow - need someone to validate it and confirm or suggest different directions ?

I can offer you not only right questions to help you finding the solution. During my career I have faced number of problems and issues - it is likely that the one you are facing is at least similar to the ones I already faced and found a solution for.

Give yourself a comfort of second look at the issue you are having ! Or at least a confirmation you are going in the right direction !

Project Manager Recruitment
Recruitment Support
Recruitment Supportclose

Do you need to hire an IT person, but you lack with IT knowledge ? Or you need a great permanent IT project manager ?

For almost 10 years I have been running a successful software house. I led significant number of recruitment meetings, hired totally more than hundred IT specialists and managers. I've been managing teams of the size exceeding 50 top notch IT specialists - learning what drives them and makes them work for an organization.

Asses skills of your future employees efficiently ! Recruit people that won't let you down !

Endangered Projects Management
Endangered Projects
Endangered Projectsclose

Your project is not going well ? Or you already needed to pause it or even cancel - but still need the deliverables it supposed to bring ?

I have brought number of projects on track. With my experience I was able to implement corrective actions for the projects, that organization was pretty sure needs to be closed. Working as external consultant, having strong organization management support I was strong enough to make sometimes hard decisions - but they resulted in turning a failure into success.

Let me help you before it is too late !

my skills and experience

years in it
years in management
succesfull medium and large projects
single teamsize
Prince2 Practicioner - Project Management Certification ITIL Foundation - Project Management Certification
  • done Various Project Management trainings: PMI, ASAP, Agile ASAP, SCRUM, eXtreme Programming
  • done SAP Consultant - CRM Foundation with mySAP CRM 2005 certified (CRM 5.0, ECC 6.0, NetWeaver)
  • done Various System Analysis and Design trainings: Object Oriented Analysis and Application Design, UML
  • done SkillDrill technical certifications: C++ Programming, Oracle 8i, TCP/IP
  • done IT technical trainings: Novell NetWare 4.11, MSSQL, Sybase, UNIX
  • done Programming languages knowledge: Pascal/Delphi, C/C++, Visual Basic/VBA, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

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Business Intelligence
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Client Facing
Contact Center
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Endangered Project
Google Apps
Internal Client
International Team
Line Management
MS Axapta
MS Dynamics
MS SQL Server
Mail Automation
Office 365
People Management
Product Owner
Scrum Master
Service Management
Shared Service Center
Software Architecture
Software Delivery
Software Development
Systems Integration
Vendor Management
Workflow Solution

what my customers say

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  • He impressed with the invariably very good quality of his work and led the different teams to collaborate and deliver successfully on the scope of the deliverable on time and on budget. Mr. Zielinski always rewarded our confidence in him to our utmost satisfaction. Due to his always friendly nature, he was very highly regarded by colleagues, superiors and business partners.

    Project Management Services for Jan Martin
    • Jan Martin
    • Manager Distributor Experience at Amway
  • In a very short time he earned the respect and appreciation of the different teams and the management. He always had full and perfect command of his role. Due to extremely rapid comprehension, he quickly became familiar with the project and any related tasks and challenges.

    Project Management Services for Janusz Czekaj
    • Janusz Czekaj
    • Manager IT - Project and Program Services Europe, India, Africa at Amway
  • Wojciech worked with us during the initial discovery phase, where he provided tremendous value through a very detailed approach to account for all aspects of the web application. His work was indeed excellent and i would recommend him to anyone looking for project management or system architect work.

    Project Management Services for Tad Hensley
    • Tad Hensley
    • Vice President - Secondary Marketing at AmeriPro Home Loans
  • He has extensive IT Infrastructure knowledge (i.e. networks, AD environment), strong Project Management skills including planning, execution, usage of PM tools and methodologies, coordination of many parties in one time across the multinational environment. Wojtek is goal oriented, delivers good quality in organized and well communicated manner.
    Customer focus attitude makes him effective and accurate partner for stakeholders and users of IT services.
    Leadership skills allow Wojtek to coordinate 3rd party IT vendors efficiently.

    Project Management Services for Jerzy Supowicz
    • Jerzy Supowicz
    • Team Leader at Unilever
  • Wojtek is a very committed professional, with very strong skills in the Project Management area. His dedication, professional awareness and teamwork makes him an asset for all well succeed organizations. It was a pleasure to work with Wojtek on the SAP and not only implementation projects.

    Project Management Services for Jacek Bugajski
    • Jacek Bugajski
    • Managing Partner at SID Group
  • Wojciech has a lot of experience which he used to good effect on an integration project. He was very methodical communicates well and is tenacious. he worked hard to ensure that the project got delivered on time and took ownership of outstanding issues.

    Project Management Services for Kevin Dowle
    • Kevin Dowle
    • Project Manager at Unilever
  • Wojtek has a vast knowledge and experiences. Choosing Wojtek�s company was a great choice. He has proven himself as a great Project Manager and Team Leader by completing successfully assignments we had together, and made his company one of the first-choice team in scope of any new projects we were planning in IT area. His positive energy was transferred to his exceptional team.

    Project Management Services for Marcin Dobek
    • Marcin Dobek
    • Vice President and COO at ABR SESTA
  • Anyone seeking a highly mature manager or director of software development or information technology would do well to take a close look at this individual. It is rare to see managerial talent and technological vision of this depth in the same individual. He is truly a valuable GLOBAL member of the world technology community.

    Project Management Services for Scott McKearney
    • Scott McKearney
    • Staffing and Recruting Expert
  • I've been working with Wojtek on several SAP assigments. I find our cooperation very good, especially in the area of joint problem solving, where he has demonstrated high solution design skills and ability to adopt to current assigment needs.

    Project Management Services for Michal Sciuba
    • Michal Sciuba
    • SAP CRM & TPM Consultant at SAP
  • He was very professional and flexible during the negotiations and provided very reliable technical support. Not only his company hires very talented programmers and effective tech. support eng. but also Wojciech himself has impressive knowledge about the engine of his product and its features. Wojciech is very open-minded person and work with him was a a good mixture of fun (i.e. talking on the phone ;) and 'straight to the point' professionalism.

    Project Management Services for Marcin Pamula
    • Marcin Pamula
    • Project Manager at Orange
  • My experience working with Wojciech Zielinski and COBA solutions has been very positive. He has proven himself an honest and aggressive reseller partner who actively seeks new opportunities and makes every effort to promote our products in his market. His technical knowledge combined with his personal drive to succeed will make him an asset to any IT company.

    Project Management Services for Lita Zuckerman
    • Lita Zuckerman
    • International Sales Manager at Zend
  • With the conviction I recommend lecture 'Practical aspects of IT systems implementation in enterprises' at Economic Academy in Katowice, Poland written by Wojciech Zielinski.
    This dissertattion presents an interesting analysis of some practical cases related to IT project management. It describes examples of incompliance to the rules of methodology and best practices. It might be useful for beginners and advanced project managers

    Project Management Services for Andrzej Bartz
    • Andrzej Bartz
    • Project Manager at Asseco
  • I'd like to say that Wojciech is the kind of person which I really consider as 'keep-going-forward'. He's created LinkedPHPers group being an innovator which I guess nowadays is the most respectful PHP group in LinkedIn. Not just this, he keeps throwing ideas and encouraging us to engage new ways of sharing knowledge and this is a really valuable aspect.

    Project Management Services for Fernando Javier Martin
    • Fernando Javier Martin
    • Sr PHP Developer at Clarin Global at Zend